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BONUS POST: En Que un Tiburón Va a Escuela

In case you missed it, I wanted to talk about Finley the Baby Shark: The Musical, whose world premiere occurred Saturday starring Los Pequeñitos Theatre Workshop.

Translation: One time, I forgot the word for "shark" and was depressed for a day.

Los Pequeñitos is a free immersive theatre class taught by preteen director Maya Bhatnagar. That meant Bhatnagar gave directions solely in Spanish using plenty of gestures to make the meaning clear. From this, the kids learned simple Spanish words, phrases, and songs to put on this bilingual musical.

"Finley the Baby Shark" tells the story of a young English-speaking shark who moves to a school that speaks mostly Spanish. After a misunderstanding involving his favorite song, Finley must find each of his classmates to make amends and learn Spanish in the process.

Finley apologizes to two fish for accidentally scaring them.

Much musica, muy shark. Those kids should have won a Tony Award for "Best Bilingual Underwater Drama."

In case you missed the first workshop and want to experience immersive Spanish while putting on a show, Bhatnagar is holding another session later this summer for older ages. "Create Your Own Espectáculo" will meet from 5 to 7 during the week of July 15 after summer camp hours, performing on the 20th at 11:30 here at the studio. Come and join!

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