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Day 1: Some Kids Are Back, Some Kids Are New, Some Kids Just Live Here

Second camp started today! The preteens will be putting on Beauty and the Beast Jr, and the teens will be putting on Godspell, two more shows I love.

Like the first camp, this camp began with introducing everyone to one another. Unfortunately, I forgot to introduce myself to the preteens. Now the ones who don't know me will wonder why there is a lady in a red hat and trench coat drawing everyone.

The preteen instructors, (from left to right) choreographer Nick Lenz, director Maya Bhatnagar, and music director Jake Fry, introduce themselves to the preteens.

Right away each group of kids began learning their audition songs and dances, since everyone auditions on the first day.

Miss Maya gets background music for her explanation of what auditions are like.

Having auditions on the first day of camp takes some of the pressure off for the students. Everyone learns the songs and dances together, everyone has the same time to prepare them, and everyone gets to see each other struggling and excelling in different areas.