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Day 11: Tech Week Begins

"Tech week" is the equivalent of the part in a Mario game where you're running out of time and the music and enemies all speed up.

It's the week where everyone has to wrap up blocking and choreography and finally go off book, as well as work in props, costumes, sets, lights, and sound. Be kind to your theatre person, as they will be stressed.

But just because it's crunch time doesn't mean we couldn't get to enjoy one last master class from professional actress Lori Marinacci.

Lori Marinacci has performed everywhere from Pittsburgh to cruise ships, including Hairspray and School of Rock on Broadway.

For this session, the teens and preteens came together for once, to ask Marinacci questions about her career, tips for young actors, and random personal questions, such as "Do you ever think of starting a family?" and "What's your favorite character from Hamilton?"

Preteens and teens sit together...I don't know why I drew the teens so short.