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Day 13: In Which the Preteens Were Absent

During rehearsal they liked my hat! It always makes my day when someone likes my hat.

My Dr. Seuss hat is made of wool yarn but that doesn't mean I won't wear it in the summer.

Today the preteens had their chance to rehearse at the Lamp Theater, meaning the teens had the Stage Right studio all to themselves. Tomorrow, they'll switch places, and on Friday, they'll take turns. This way everyone gets rehearsal time at the theater before Friday's shows.

Some quick sketches of teens during today's rehearsal.

Costuming is wrapping up and actors are almost completely off-book. There's nothing like stopping in the middle of a scene because an actor just returned in costume for the first time and he's just THAT STUNNING.

The Saturday casts ran the show today because Friday got to rehearse yesterday. Like before, the off-characters shadowed the on-characters to better memorize their parts.

Saturday night Roxie and Velma practice "My Own Best Friend."

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Chicago's songs, but they are very catchy. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not a part of the cast and cannot sing along to the alto part.

Saturday night Mama and Mona rehearse a scene.

The camp is nearly over, and if I, an intern who sits all day and doesn't even dance, am tired, then for sure the rest of the cast, crew, and staff are. But this is all according to schedule, and if these kids are so energized even after 13 days of work, then they'll be even better on stage.

Ensemble members in "Razzle Dazzle."

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