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Day 2: Music And Stuff

Day 2 is when classes begin. This is the part where everyone discovers how much they love and/or hate dancing, acting, and singing. I did not have the chance to upload this post on Day 2 itself, so here it is now.

I sat in on several classes so I could check out what the kids did today. For them, it's a chance to learn a new skill or strengthen an existing one. For me, it's a chance to pretend I am still a musical theatre kid learning theatre stuff and not a grownup graphic designer.

Both the preteen and teen groups are split into two more groups. This determines what classes the kids will go to each day and when. Then, after lunch, the class groups come back together for rehearsal.

Preteens "go bananas" during an acting class warmup.

In the acting class I witnessed, director Maya Bhatnagar played several games with her preteens, then explained how these games helped with skills like eye contact, memorization, and diction. From this exercise, I learned that nobody, not even English majors like me, can pronounce the word "benevolent."

Nick Lenz teaches tap class.