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Day 3: And So the Master Classes Begin

I am continuing to bring my ukulele to play in the office, but in the meantime, the first master class of the camp happened on Day 3.

For you newcomers, master classes are when ordinary classes pause so that a special guest star can come in and do some sort of show biz demonstration with the kids. This time, it was a mock audition master class with Broadway actor Allan Snyder.

Snyder first worked with the teen group, having volunteers one-by-one perform an audition song or monologue in front of him and the rest of the group. Then he would give them feedback on ways to improve their delivery, whether through vocals or body language.

To audition well, he said, actors must show that they can portray a range of emotions. In a song, this means varying tone and volume. In a monologue, this means taking time to think and feel each of the lines instead of rushing through in a moment of heightened emotion.