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Day 4: In Which a Special Guest Star Jazzes Things Up

I'm taking a summer course, so I don't go to Stage Right on Thursdays. Since I wasn't there today, I'll just have to guess what happened.

But before I start making things up, let me tell you what actually DID happen today: a visit from Broadway legend Lenora Nemetz!

Lenora Nemetz has performed in numerous Broadway shows, including the original Broadway production of Chicago. (drawing based on a photograph by Audrey Johnson)

Now, if you'd like watch Nemetz choreographing a number with the teens, as well as other things that happened at camp today, you can check out this video put together by Audrey Johnson:

Or, if you'd like to hear my totally inaccurate "creative speculation" about what happened today, read on.

This afternoon, the teens received a surprise visit from the actual Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, who happened to be in town. "We heard some teens were putting on that Kander and Ebb musical about us, and we just had to drop by," said Kelly.