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Day 5: I Came In Late, but Don't Worry, Stuff Happened Without Me

At times like this, I look back and reminisce about the days when I wrote these blog posts on the same day these things happened, like three weeks ago. Then I was young and unafraid, and dreams were made and used and wasted.

But anyway, back to Beauty and the Beast Jr. and Godspell.

I missed the morning master class, hosted by professional actress Daina Griffith, where more students got to receive constructive criticism on their auditions.

In the afternoon, rehearsals started back up. They're pretty fast-paced so that the kids put on their shows in just three weeks, but these guys know how to keep up.

Preteens playing narrators rehearse the Prologue for Beauty and the Beast Jr.

I sat in on the preteen's rehearsal for a bit to watch them rehearse "Belle," one of my favorite songs from the show. They are still learning their blocking (staging) and the words to the songs, but they looked and sounded great for only having jumped into this musical five days ago.

One of the girls playing Belle practices the Belle Spin.

How I wish small-town girls today spun around and sang about the tedium of their lives every morning. Well, besides me.

I also asked the teens what they were enjoying about their time at summer camp so far. Old campers and newcomers alike seemed to be enjoying themselves. Here are some of their responses, in a mixture of direct quotes and paraphrasing:

Teens explain what they like about this camp.

Next week I will try to write these blog posts more promptly. I believe I will have the time, because I'll have a free hour in between regular summer camp and Maya Bhatnagar's bilingual theatre workshop, Los Pequeñitos.

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