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Day 6: In Which Surprise Special Guest Stars Are Surprising

As I am writing this, it is 1:08 a.m., meaning I procrastinated WAY too long on writing this post. Don't do art, kids. You'll lose all track of time.

Today was the first day of themed week, kicking it off with beach outfits. At last, an excuse to wear my wide-brimmed hat.


Something exciting to happen today was an impromptu visit from two film-making friends of Stage Right, Sujata Day and Cameron Fife. The duo had recently finished filming in Greensburg for their movie "Definition, Please," written, directed by, and starring Day and produced by Fife.

Cameron Fife and Sujata Day talk to the teen group about everything from directing in Hollywood to acting on Broadway.

Besides answering questions about "Definition, Please" and other movies and shows they had worked on, Day and Fife spoke about the reality of working in the entertainment industry.

Fife emphasized the importance of setting "realistic goals" and that it's okay for a person to change plans if they feel they need to. From production assistants to costume designers to voice acting crowd scenes, the two guests listed a variety of lesser-known jobs that might help performers find their niche.

And in the afternoon, as always, rehearsals continued. Coming back on Monday is always rough, since most people forget some things over the weekend. But from what I saw of rehearsals, these kids handled a little catch-up fine and are back to plugging away at their shows.

The girls playing Anna practice "For the First Time in Forever."

The preteens are memorizing their harmonies, the teens are memorizing their motives and alibis, and I am just happy for an excuse to come to the studio in various themed outfits.

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