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Day 7: Seeing Double (Audrey Used This Exact Same Caption and I Can't Think of Anything Better)

In order to win at Twin Day, I dressed up as my brother and got mistaken for him a couple times because we looked so alike.

Hint: I am the one without a nose.

Today we received a visit from Claudia Benack, a musical theatre voice instructor at Carnegie Mellon University. She worked with students on vocal technique while singing.

Claudia Benack shows a preteen how to stand while he sings.

While acting and conveying emotion are important in an audition, so too is vocal resonance, diction, pitch, and tone. These, moreso than acting, are what Benack focused on during this workshop.

Preteens who auditioned today.

Vocal projection seemed to be a big reminder for both groups, as was finding and strengthening vocal range.

This teen sang "No One Else" from Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, and I silently freaked out in the other room because I love Great Comet SO MUCH.

I'll admit, I've been busy recently and have not had the time to pretend to be a student in hopes of sneaking into the cast of one of the shows. Today would have been the perfect opportunity, as I was dressed like my teen brother, but I'm sure other opportunities will arise.

It was fun to see everyone dressed as each other. And by fun, I mean confusing. Which is okay, because I am used to being confused. Tomorrow is Disney Day, so I can't wait to see what people come up with.

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