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Days 14 and 15: In Which the Shows Must Go On

Today was the last day of camp, meaning both Chicago and Frozen Jr. open tonight.

After three weeks of practice, it's time to put on the shows some of the kids knew nothing about before coming to this camp. As someone who had attended the camps in the past, I can tell you it's an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Will they remember their lines? Will they remember their cues? Will costume pieces disappear mysteriously only to be found under the prop table? I guess we are all going to find out.

As tech week comes to a close, please remember to feed your actors. They are very hungry. They are probably also very tired. This is to be expected.

Come to the Lamp Theater in Irwin, PA tonight to see Frozen Jr. at 6:30 and/or Chicago at 8:30. If you like princesses, snow, reindeer(s), and Disney hits, then Frozen Jr. is the show for you. If you prefer murder, greed, corruption, and jazz, then you will love Chicago.

And if you'd like to get a picture drawn by me, I'll be doing caricatures in the lobby before each show! Come on down and support these awesome kids.

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