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Summer Start

Hello! This is a test post. Think of it like a mic check, except whereas mic checks are useful to many people, this post is useful to no one.

My name is Rebecca Scassellati, but you can also call me Beck, Smee Bucket, Red Hat, Mom, Crazy Old Bat, 24601, or That Guy. My hobbies include being dehydrated and pretending I am an actor. I will be an intern at Stage Right this summer.

Today is my first day as Stage Right's blog writer. I have managed so far not to steal any of the shiny objects or slam into any walls. This is a good sign. We discussed the possibility of making salads during lunch break. This is a terrible sign, as I am afraid of vegetables. Other than that, things seem to be off to a good start.

We'll see how well I can get the hang of this Wix site. For a person whose livelihood depends on computers, I am surprisingly bad at all technology.

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