Stage Right Virtual Ensembles!


Use the information and links below to submit your participating to the first ever, VIRTUAL SENSATIONS!

1. Read the Directions

Be sure to read this document carefully and follow all the rules and guidelines to make your audio/video recording top notch for our project!

2. Review Your Music

Check your words and be aware that the 2 sections go right into each other on the recording.

3. Practice Your Part

Click this Dropbox icon to view the tracks for your voice part. 

4. Record Your Tracks/Videos

Just a reminder that you will record:

  1. A "Headshot Version" that will be the primary audio that I will use, as well as the video for the large grid portions of our movie.

  2. A "Dance Version" (in your Sensations outfit) that I will use to cut in moments of dance and to use as background video.

  3. Seniors - solo recordings of the solos in the song. You can submit as many of the solos as you want, or just the ones you are familiar with. 

5. Submit Your Videos

Click this Google Drive icon to view the folder to submit your final video projects.