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Our Adelphoi Partnership!


Since 2016, Stage Right has worked collaboratively with Adelphoi, a non-profit providing care and treatment to at-risk youth and families through group homes, foster care, education, behavioral health and in-home services, to provide arts programming.  Through this partnership, Stage Right has developed a theatre program for youth who are in residential care with Adelphoi.


Instructors, Renata and Lydia work with a different group of Adelphoi youth every nine weeks, meeting twice a week, to provide instruction in music, dance and theatre.  The class culminates in a showcase in which youth perform both individually and collectively for parents, staff and Stage Right members.


Because many youth at Adelphoi have overcome significant experiences of trauma throughout the course of their childhoods, including emotional and physical abuse, violence in their homes or neighborhoods, or substance abuse within their family environment, participation in this program allows youth the opportunity to process emotions and feelings, and work toward individual healing.

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