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Under the watchful eye of our professional voice instructors -Anastasia Robinson (Pittsburgh Opera and  a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music), Chris McAllister (NAfME, NATS and Resident Musical Director), & Nick Lenz (graduate of Shenandoah Conservatory), students sing and learn in a joyful music making environment! Our approach values singing, active music making, and musical discovery as children build an extraordinary foundation for musical literacy. Through engaging singing games and music making, young voices train their ears and voices as they begin their path to fine musicianship. Learning to sing in tune and learning musical concepts through singing, establishes deep musical understanding and confidence in a budding musician. With our teaching artists serving as exceptional vocal models, our Young Voices students learn solfege (do-re-mi…), melody, part singing, and harmony. 

In all voice classes, classes will concentrate on improving breathing, vocal tone, range, agility, volume, diction, vocal health, expression and self confidence, and understanding music notation and music reading skills. In the intermediate and advanced levels, the class will explore songs from the music theatre, film, folk, popular, and classical repertoire. Students will also be introduced to the history of musical song styles and song forms with an emphasis on singing and performing solo/duet songs in a group class setting. Students will concentrate on musical theatre pieces, reaffirm technique, build repertoire for future auditions, and polish vocal production.


Chris McAllister teaches a boy's only voice class that in addition to vocal health and musicality, concentrates on helping young male voices realize their full potential, helping male singers through their voice change and finding proper and challenging repertoire pieces. This class is offered based on interest and availability. 

Anastasia Robinson

Voice Instructor

Christopher McAllister

Voice Instructor

Nick Lenz

Voice Instructor

Jeanne Kane

Voice Instructor


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