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HALF Page (Digital & Print)

HALF Page (Digital ONLY)*

FULL Page (Digital & Print)
FULL Page (Digital ONLY)*

FULL Page (Inside Cover)**

FULL Page (Back Cover)**


  • This form should be completed and accompany ALL AD MATERIALS.

  • Each ad should be submitted using a copy of this form.

  • If placing forms in the over-night wall safe, PLEASE SUBMIT IN A LABELED ENVELOPE!

  • Program advertisers should supply (preferably digitally) art in exact size, high-resolution in .PDF, .PNG, or .JPG file formats. Specify any desired alterations on this form.

  • Hardcopy Artwork and pictures will NOT be returned. Ads will print in color or grayscale formatting, unless otherwise specified.

  • Ads are preferred to be submitted via email to:

  • It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that you submit COMPLETED and publish-ready Ads that will require no editing. Ads that are not publish ready will require the additional $25.00 graphic design fee. Please indicate that to the left.

  • Please print neatly on this form to guarantee the accuracy of your ad.


Please note: All checks must be made out to Stage Right

* NEW FORMAT! - DIGITAL Half and Full-Page Ads are available for audience members to view AFTER they scan their program QR Code at the theatre and view the digital playbill program (online PDF version - the link never expires!! Ads appear as full-screen ads on phones and tablets. (approx. 2.65” x 5.75”)

** Full Page print ads for inside front or back covers (limit 2), and back covers (limit 1), are sometimes reserved for businesses or show sponsors. Please call Stage Right to confirm the availability, as this often changes in the course of securing ads. Ads will be placed in a “first come, first served” manner.


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Ad-Sponsor Form - Footloose (Apr 2023).png
Ad-Sponsor Form - Footloose (Apr 2023).png
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