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Private Voice Lessons

​The Core Principles of the Stage Right! Private Voice Studio include:

  • dependable, healthy vocal technique

  • vocal stamina

  • projection and resonance

  • breath support and breath use

  • musicality

  • sight-singing and ear-training

  • song and text interpretation

  • audition methods and techniques

  • vocal health

  • independent practice skills

  • multi-genre vocal application

  • and personal work ethic!



Theory - studying the “grammar” of the language of music.  A focus on solfege (“do, re, mi…”) to help students with sight-singing and pitch issues, intonation, and vowel awareness...

Technique - the physical mechanics of the voice as an evolving, growing instrument, with an emphasis on healthy singing, and finding one's own personal voice.

Repertoire - song selection for lesson use, musical growth, and finally, performance. This entails a very detailed list of pieces to be learned based on standard classical, music theatre, jazz and contemporary popular music essential to gaining an understanding and appreciation for music of many different kinds. Separate attention is given towards material that should be selected, practiced, edited, and used for audition purposes. 

The mechanics of each lesson are tailored to each individual students' needs and progress. Each of our instructors focus on three core concepts when instructing the voice.


(Students MUST take a semester of Group Voice Classes before taking Private Lessons.) 

Group Voice Classes help build group singing skills, pitch and intonation awareness, basic music reading knowledge, and allows students to build a binder of song repertoire. We recommend that most students begin in group voice before inquiring about Private Lessons. 


(All Private Lessons are scheduled with each individual instructor.)

Our lessons are billed through our DanceStudio-Pro (DSP) portal. Here are some billing and payment reminders:

  1. All lessons payments are due at the time of the lesson. You will need to stay current with your lesson payments in order to continue receiving instruction. 

  2. Check or cash (made out the STAGE RIGHT) are acceptable. You may also make payments with a credit card, online, through your parent portal of DSP. There are links and instructions here: 



Should it be necessary to cancel, or move a lesson appointment, 24 hours notice is appreciated. There will be no charge for the cancelled/rescheduled lesson. A new charge will be implemented for the NEW date/time.

  1. If you must cancel your lesson with your private instructor, you must alert them AT LEAST 2 hours before your lesson as a courtesy.

  2. If this becomes a recurring issue (more than 2 lessons within a semester) you will be charged half the amount of your lesson.

  3. A "no call, no show" meaning, you did not come to your lesson AND did not alert your instructor, will be charged the FULL amount of the scheduled lesson.

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