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Safety at Stage Right



Stage Right was founded with the goal of providing life changing experiences for students who share a deep love and interest in the performing arts. Over twenty years later, our programs reach a diverse set students around a multi-county area, but our continued focus on the student experience remains at the base of what we do. We will continuously advance our student safety programs, policies, and procedures to ensure that Stage Right is a safe and wholesome place to learn, grow, work, and perform... for all.

We remain committed to our mission of providing a positive and supportive environment that improves the quality of life for the communities we serve through performing arts education.

We require industry-standard background checks, mandated reporter training, and certification of our Employee and Volunteer Handbooks and Codes of Conduct for all employees, contractors, interns, and volunteers.

We make available to all students and staff, a licensed mental health counselor to assist our students and families with a valuable resource, should they ever need. We are committed to helping out student and staff navigate today's ever-changing world and the stressors that student encounter.

We maintain a secure online whistleblower form and email submission method. All submissions are submitted securely and confidentially to multiple parties.

We have made available our Student Handbook, Codes of Conduct and any pertinent Policies and Procedures. Please review these documents. All Students and their Parent/Guardians will need to confirm their receipt of these policies in their DSP account at each registration. 

Emergency Action Planning

We have carefully conceived and will continue to plan for any scenario where action must be taken to keep our community safe. This includes a thorough set of EAPs and related policies and procedures.

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