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Guidance Counselor/Consultant


Marcie Stover-Jividen, LCSW


Stage Right is pleased to Marcie Stover-Jividen (LCSW) as part of our Stage Right family. Marcie supports Stage Right in a guidance counselor/staff consultant capacity and is integral in supporting our students, their health and safety, and provides an essential resource to our staff and instructors in the care and teaching of our students. 

Any current Stage Right student interested in speaking with Marcie will be asked to complete a specific consent form for youth. If you are 14 or older, the law states that consent is not required and you may speak to a licensed therapist without parental consent. All consultations will be confidential and will abide by all doctor/patient confidentiality rules. We stress that she is here as a great resource, and is highly qualified to help our students as needed.

About Marcie

Marcie Stover-Jividen, LCSW currently works as an Outpatient Behavioral Health Therapist for Excela Health. She began her work with children and teens in 1997 when she was a social work student at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, and later while completing her Master of Social Work from Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois in 2004.

She has worked with youth in different capacities over her career, providing play and expressive therapy (including drama therapy), and operates a small private practice in Derry.

Marcie has two children and a husband (none of whom are really theatre people), but she herself LOVES theatre, and has been part of several community theatre programs during her life. Currently, she is rehearsing a children's show with an all-women's theatre guild in Ligonier.

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