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Safety & Wellness

Theater & Performing Arts Safety Program

Safety at Stage Right extends to crews, casts, and audience members as well as its environment. This includes performance and rehearsal spaces, instructors and students, and a priority on mental health. It requires awareness, common sense, and perseverance to eliminate hazards and guard against carelessness. 


The goal of the Stage Right Safety Program is to ensure that a safe, healthy environment shall be maintained at all times. This includes the control and minimization of all known and potential hazards associated within creative and artistic development. Many processes, techniques, and practices used in the theatre and performing arts may contain potential risks to individuals. These risks can be minimized through proper training, and use of appropriate precautions and established safe-work practices.




COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Stage Right follows the guidance and recommendations from the CDC to maximize protection.

Student Requirements & Guidelines  

The Stage Right Student Handbook is designed to provide parents, staff, and students who participate in the performing arts with a general overview of behavioral expectations, rights and responsibilities and safety procedures. This manual, along with the Code of Conduct and Whistleblower Policy are reviewed and signed by parents and students upon registration to the Stage Right program. 


Staff Requirements & Guidelines 

Stage Right employees, contractors, interns and volunteers are required to complete industry-standard background checks, mandated reporter training and certification of handbooks and Codes of Conduct to ensure students are treated in a professional manner as a commitment to our responsible hiring practices


Mental Health Support 

A licensed mental health counselor is available to all students and staff. We are committed to helping our student and staff navigate today's ever-changing world and to cope with the stressors that students may encounter.

“At Stage Right we embrace the opportunity to empower artists at any stage.  We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for our students to shine. Cultivating talent, encouraging teamwork and partnership, learning to lift each other up will serve them well on stage and off.”

- Christopher McAllister, Artistic & Educational Director

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Learn more about our upcoming programs and how to register for a performing arts program at Stage Right.

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