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About Our Staff

Our Staff In addition to the instructors and professional staff listed below, Stage Right! employs a number of professional actors throughout the year that students have the chance to work with and be mentored by during productions.

THIS is what makes Stage Right! unique, innovated, artful, and inclusive.

There is NO Equal to the benefits of working with professional, working artists!

Real industry professionals make the best teachers! 


Anastasia Robinson

Executive Director

Christopher McAllister

Artistic & Educational Director

Josh Reardon

Operations Manager

Alyssa Wano

Production Manager/Stage Manager

Julia Smolka

Educational Outreach Coordinator

Tracy Angelo

Costume/Prop Supervisor

Marcie Stover Jividen

School Guidance Counselor

contact available by request

Performing Arts Education

Acting Instructors

Kim McLeod - Preteen Acting

Josh Reardon - Teen/Preteen Acting

Paul Reynolds - Teen Acting

Voice Instructors

Anastasia Robinson - Group/Private Voice

Julia Smolka - Pop/Rock Voice/Private Voice

Christopher McAllister - Music Repertoire /Private Voice

Dance Instructors

Julia Smolka - Jazz, Tap, Ballet

Savannah Bruno - Musical Theatre Styles

Nicole Jones - Substitute

Music Together® Instructors

Eileen Grace Reynolds

Paul Reynolds

Candice Wansor

Workshop Instructors

Julia Smolka - Teen/Preteen Workshop

Josh Reardon - Teen/Preteen Workshop

Anna Stewart - Imagination/Teen/Preteen Workshop

Becky Zeigler-Koch - Imagination Workshop

Jeanne Kane - Imagination Workshop

Propel CreativeArts Instructors

Myah Davis

Stage Combat Instructor

Hank Fodor

About Our Staff
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