About Our Staff

Stage Right! boasts a full list of staff and instructors that have made the Arts their livelihood. They are trained professionals from some of the top schools in each of their respective fields.

In addition to the instructors and professional staff listed below, Stage Right! employs a number of professional actors throughout the year that students have the chance to work with and be menottred by during productions. THIS is what makes us unique. There is NO Equal to the benefits of working with professional working artists! Don't be fooled, real professional performers make the best teachers! 


JoAnne Salvatore

General Manager


Tony Marino

Artistic Director, Founder


Renata Marino

School Coordinator


Kerri Hertzog

Controller/Human Resources Coordinator


Christopher McAllister

Production Manager


Anna Stewart

Stage Manager


Performing Arts Education

Tony Marino, 

Kim McLeod,

Anna Stewart

Acting Instructors

Renata Marino,

Madelynne Caralli,

Dance Instructors

Anastasia Robinson,

Christopher McAllister,

Emily Thomas,

Jeanne Kane

Voice Instructors

Christine Marquis

Acro Instructor

Renata Marino,

Lydia Woods

Adelphoi School Instructors

Jake Fry,

Christopher McAllister

Piano Lesson Instructors

Candice Wansor

Elizabeth Polinsky

Music Together Instructors

Bianca Brandon,

Katherine Harkins,

Anna Stewart,

Jason Swauger

Propel Charter School Instructors

Theatrical Production

Anna Stewart,

Rylan Jenkins-Snaith

Stage Managers


Mark Kissner

Scenic Designer,

Projections Designer

Christopher McAllister,

Hazel Braun,

Jake Fry,

Kevin O'Leary,

Matt Thomas

Music Directors

Board of Directors

Tony Marino

Founding Artistic Director

Executive Staff

Deb McDonald, President

Director of Civic Engagement

Programming, National 4-H Council

Christine Adams, Treasurer


CV Accounting Bookkeeping &

Software Solutions

JoAnne Salvatore

General Manager

Executive Staff

Dr. Tina Federico, Vice President

Elementary Principal, Ed. D

Greensburg Salem School District

Meghan Scalise


Manager, Operations

UPMC Magee Womens Hospital

Ryann Heverly, Secretary

Accounting Controller, MBA

AccOps North America

Philips, Inc.