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Dance Classes

The Stage Right! Take on the MOST Professional Dance Program in the area...

This is exactly what makes OUR dance classes unique. Jazz dance is an umbrella term that can refer to several related dance styles and at Stage Right many we strive for our performers to be well rounded in as forms of dance possible. ALL of our Jazz levels touch on multiple styles (i.e. Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Theatrical jazz dance, Broadway jazz dance, Classical jazz dance, Commercial jazz dance, Latin jazz dance, Lyrical jazz dance).

Throughout the year, many styles will be taught, famous dancers will be discussed, conditioning and stretching stressed, and technique will always be instilled. Technique is the foundation for all dance movement. A technical foundation enables a dancer to focus on strong the stylistic and performance aspects of dance. Technique is essential for jumps and turns, where correct posture is essential to properly execute such moves. Also, jazz dancers' strong and sharp movements are greatly aided by a good background in ballet technique.


All levels of students learn the importance of counting, rhythms, and using the floor as an instrument. Basic steps and terminology are covered and students learn to put together across-the-floor combinations as well as routines from great tap musicals


Beginner levels of Jazz are for the beginning/intermediate dancer. Dancers will learn terminology, touting, technique, and across-the-floor and center combinations. Intermediate Jazz students will be challenged with more difficult combinations and technique and naturally progress with their skill set. Advanced levels of Jazz are for the more advanced dancer. Students are strongly encouraged to take both classes offered and should be enrolled in Ballet as well. This class is a college-level difficulty dance class. Dancers learn to work at a faster pace as well as intensifying the level of warm-ups and across-the-floor nominations. (These are all college-style dance classes... you WILL NOT be working on the same combinations all year long.)

Ballet Classes

heads up the Ballet Program and takes ballet off its elitist pedestal by giving it equal weight as other techniques. We have no problem thinking outside of the box. So we at Stage Right teach the importance of ballet and how it can be applied to all dance forms. Dancers will be encouraged to push the envelope while working on strength training, active stretching, across the floor, and center work. This class is meant to be fun, exciting, and held in a healthy, non-competitive atmosphere.


Pointe classes is offered to those who have completed and passed pointe testing given by the current ballet program head and school coordinator. 


Renata Marino

Dance Instructor,

School Coordinator

Madelynne Caralli

Dance Instructor

Christine Marquis

Acro Instructor

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