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Musical Theatre Classes

Master Audition Class

A MUST for any student with an interest in auditioning for Acting or Musical Theatre college programs. Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, this class prepares students with a step-by-step process to pick the best material and prepare fully for a myriad of audition situations. Help is also provided in picking the school and program that best suits the students as well as scheduling college auditions. Guest teachers with intimate knowledge of the college audition process are also brought in to help the students. 

College Prep!

If your child has decided to pursue the performing arts in college, they need to make sure they are polishing the skills needed to compete. Stage Right’s College Prep makes sure they are on the right track!

For $125 per semester we will:


  • Provide you with one on one coaching.

  • Help you assemble your college list, schedule auditions, and understand the requirements.               

  • Help you assemble your headshot, resume and audition book.

  • Provide you with mock audition preparation with local professional coaches.

  • Record, edit and help you submit your Prescreens using  the new Common Prescreen application.


It’s the help you need to succeed!

Music Theory for Music Theatre

Take your musicianship to the next level with Music Theory!  For those who love to sing yet struggle with the foreign language of music, this class is for you. Designed to help students with the musical foundation to read, understand and sing their way to success! We will explore topics such as note names, music staffs, rhythm and counting, basic chords and notation. A healthy knowledge of Music Theory makes every music rehearsal less daunting and helps in the practice room or even to learn a new instrument. 

Technical Theatre

This is an experience that all performers and technical theatre enthusiasts should take advantage of. Stage Manager, Anna Stewart, exposes the students to a wide variety of backstage skills. The experience will include instruction in stage management, lighting, sound, and a working understanding of how a theatre works.

Interested students will have the primary opportunity of participating on the technical crews for our professional and student productions.

Send interested inquires to 

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