Summer Theatre Camp!

Summer Camp is?

Camp runs Monday thru Friday for 3 weeks, from 9am-4:00pm, with a lunch break during the day. Students will have Core Classes, which are made up of Acting, Voice, Jazz, Tap, and Modern Dance. The classes are broken into ability levels or cast assignments. Classes are designed to give kids a lot of information in a short amount of time.


  • Acting Classes work on monologues and scenes, as well as, various acting techniques and exercises.

  • Dance Classes introduce and strengthen technique and stretch ability.

  • Voice Classes are designed to expand repertoire & strengthen technique while ensuring healthy vocal production.

  • All classes are taught by trained professionals.

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Summer Camp Sponsor & Ad Forms (.pdf)


Summer Camp 1 

Pre-teen & Teens

3 Weeks!

June 7-25

Performances on

June 25-27

Summer Camp 2 

Pre-teen & Teens

3 Weeks!

July 5-23

Performances on

July 23-25

Stars of Tomorrow

(Ages 4-7)

1 Week!

July 26-30

Performance on

July 30

Spectrum Theatre Initiative Camp

Using music, drama and dance to work with students with autism and other special needs

1 Week!

July 26-30

Performance on

July 30


How do I register for camp?

Stage Right! has now transitioned to ONLINE REGISTRATION for all of our classes and workshops. We are utilizing the online platform DanceStudio-Pro (DSP). 

Not sure about what to do or have tech issues? Give us a call and we'll be happy to set you and your student up with all the information they will need for summer camp!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes students and parent/guardians have questions about Summer Camp... here are some of the most common questions and our answers.

What are the dates of camp? What is the price?

And what are the dates of the shows?

Our Camp dates run Monday-Friday, for 3 weeks starting on June 10 and July 8 (Spectrum Theatre and Stars of Tomorrow run for one week, starting on July 29).

The price is $510 for each of the Pre-teen/Teen Camps and 

Where will my child eat lunch during camp?

We make arrangements daily to order lunch to be delivered. Sometimes we have one restaurant choice available every day, and several other options available on certain days. There is a refrigerator and a microwave in the student lounge as well. 

What if my child has to miss a day of camp or a partial day of camp?

Just like traditional school, we ask that you notify the office by email or phone call to report that your child is not attending that particular day of camp. If your child is missing a partial day due to an appointment or other reason, we ask that you come in to the office to sign the student out, just like traditional school. 

Do I have to buy special dance shoes for camp?

We have some spare shoes that students without dance shoes can use during camp. Dance instructors can give their own recommendations for their individual dance classes. Students do NOT have to purchase dance shoes to use specifically for camp. We can make arrangements to load, borrow, or substitute appropriate shoes. 

Are there any additional fees on top of the tuition fee for the camp? Will I have to pay for anything extra?

There are no extra fees associated with camp! Students may be asked to provide common items for costumes (belts, or shoes, etc.), but will never be asked to buy anything special. We suggest dance shoes, but also make recommendations (or even loan a pair) for our dance classes. Students have the OPTION of purchasing lunch (that we arrange with outside restaurants and food trucks), but that is completely optional. 

Is there parking on site? Can my child drive to camp?

The short answer No.  We prefer that all students are dropped off and picked up. The majority of our parking lot is leased and off-limits for public parking. There are few spots left, some of which we need for our camp staff. We highly recommend drop-off, and student carpooling if it is absolutely necessary that students to drive to camp. 

How does my child get to and from the theatre during the last week of camp?

We do not provide transportation for those days of camp. The responsibility of transportation is upon you. Some students travel to the theatre with other students at camp, and that is at your discretion.


Who can keep my child's valuables safe during the camp day?

It's best to bring NOTHING valuable or irreplaceable to camp. It's just too busy and there are too many students at camp to keep track of everything. Leave those important items at home and they will stay safe.