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Workshop Classes

Teen & Pre-Teen Workshops

"The Musical Theatre Experience"

This class is offered by itself, as well as being part of one of our "Stages" and is a great way to get started here at Stage Right! This class gives the student a chance to get on their feet right away and perform. Each semester includes the exploration of two or more musicals, composers and writers, or musical theatre genres/styles, and features ensemble numbers, solo opportunities, and small group numbers. Students are encouraged to suggest songs and titles that they would like to work on and students are included in the creative process.

Imagination Workshop & Classes

Young Performers (Ages 4-7)

Our Imagination Workshop Class has long been the best way to enliven your 4 to 7 year olds creative juices and get them on their feet learning the art of musical theatre and taking part in their first live performance. The fun and fanciful themes for each semester are tied into our Saturday Morning Voice and Acting classes. 

"Imagination Voice" - Voice Class

"Imagination Acting" - Acting Class

Arts in Education -
Homeschool & Cyberschool Program

Our Arts Homeschool/Cyberschool Program is inclusive of individuals of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels and provides arts education in a family-centered, safe, and creativee environment, where students can experience the arts in their own very personal way. Our professional faculty and artistic staff is made up of working artists whose passionate dedication is solely focused on helping these unique and dedicated students reach their potential and have a great time!

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