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Zoom Your Class!

Know your class's code? Click and enter here!

Joining Stage Right! for your classes via Zoom can't be easier! Use your DSP (Dance-Studio Pro) Parent Portal page to find your daily schedule of classes. Click on the small, red, camera icon to open the Zoom log-in window. That it!

Here is your step-by-step guide: 
1. Contact JoAnne Salvatore at (724) 832-7464 or and let her know that your student will be using Zoom along with which classes.
2. Go to on the device that your student will be using for their Zoom class. 
3. Click on the tab that says "Register" 
4. Click the button that says "DSP Parent Portal". (it may be a good idea to bookmark this webpage for the future!)
5. Login to your Parent Portal using the information you created when registering your student.
6. Under "Today's Classes", click on the red camera next to the class you're entering
7. Agree to the Zoom Classroom Waiver and click "Go to my class" zoom will instantly be launched and you will enter your virtual classroom! 

As always, if you ever run into any issues and you need assistance, please don't hesitate to call the office at (724) 832-7464. 
You can also email Company Stage Manager Anna Stewart at or myself at in the evenings for classes after office hours. 


Mobile Viewing

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Desktop Viewing

Class Brochures, Schedules, & Pricing

Our Class Schedule (.pdf)
Our Class Prices (.pdf)

Prices, times, and availability of classes and instructors are subject to change.

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