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This is another test post just to put some posts on this page.

Do you enjoy black clothing, unconvincing ventriloquism, and flappers in jail? Then Chicago is the show for you! I wonder though how different the show would be if it took place in some other city. What if Roxie and co. lived in Pittsburgh? What if they lived in a small town in Minnesota and all had polite accents?

Or what if instead of murder, the women of the Cook County Jail were imprisoned for crimes like tax fraud, jaywalking, vandalism, and loitering? Can you imagine.

I don't know how to end this post so here's a skit you can act out with your friends:

CHILD: Mom, how did you choose my name?

MOM: I named you...after a famous Roman orator.

CHILD: Wow, thanks, mom!

MOM: You're welcome, Cicero. Now call your siblings Pop, Six, Squish, Uh Uh, and Lipschitz for dinner.

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