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Day 12: In Which I Neglect to Draw the Children

Today was a busy day. Such a busy day that I forgot to draw the kids.

Sorry about that. I do things here besides blog, you know.

Run-throughs are still going on. The students receive notes after runs to make tweaks to their performance or remind them of any forgotten actions/lines. Roxie is still wanted for murder. Elsa is still freezing her kingdom. Final edits are being made to the programs. I am still discovering rooms in this building I never knew were here for the past six years.

We held a fire drill and I am pleased to say that nobody burst into flames, so that's a success. Let's hear it for preparedness.

Since this is a short post today, why don't you go look at the previous posts and reminisce. Maybe there's one you haven't read yet. Or maybe you'd like to look back at the lovely expressive drawings of me in various hats. Or maybe if you pick out every tenth word from each post it will spell a secret message. Who can say.

Our regularly scheduled illustrations and commentary will resume tomorrow as usual.

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