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Day 8: (Imagine the Disney Intro Theme Song Is Playing Here)

It's Disney day, so of COURSE I had to dress up as Smee from Peter Pan.

We're already jumping into full-day rehearsals to get both of these grandly complicated shows in working order. It only makes things better when a large number of students are dressed in Disney apparel and/or dressed as Disney characters.

Preteens and teens alike dressed as their favorite Disney characters.

The Godspell cast is tackling more of the blocking, which is unique from other shows. Because the show consists of numerous parables, a lot of teamwork, creativity, improv, and focus is required in every single scene.

Meanwhile, the beauties and the beasties in the preteen group continue to learn their lines, dances, and French accents. It helps that staff members here have been involved with Beauty and the Beast in the past.

Seeing that today was Disney day, I'm surprised more of them didn't dress up as Beauty and the Beast characters.

A teen student suffers an identity crisis.

And after camp each day, I'm still helping out with Los Pequeñitos Bilingual Theatre Workshop. We learn everything from conjugating verbs to how to dance the Salsa. Let me tell you, this is the first dance class I've had in about three years. Come see our show this Saturday at 11:30!

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