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Day 8: In Which Many Mickey Mouse Ears Are Present

Today's theme was my favorite—Disney Day—because I got to dress up as Miguel from "Coco."

I felt un poquititito loco, but that was the point, so está bien.

Today we had—guess what?—another master class! I don't remember having so many in one camp before, but having that gives more kids a chance at one-on-one critique.

The special guest star of this good Wednesday was professional actress Daina Griffith.

Daina Griffith tells students about the movie she is acting in, "Unsinkable."

Like Claudia Benack yesterday, she hosted an audition workshop with both the preteens and teens. Instead of focusing on vocal technique, she focused on acting through song, much like Allan Snyder's master class last week. Students who didn't get the chance to sing in the previous master classes got their chance today.

One thing was different, though—instead of showing an audition song, most of the teens chose instead to perform a monologue and receive feedback on that. It was a fun change in subject, and it allowed them to explore their monologues more deeply.

I decided to do something different today and sketch each of the students as they performed during this master class. So here they are, with lines from their song or monologue.

The students who performed during today's master class.

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